8 Things To Know Before Travelling to Holbox, Mexico

8 Things To Know Before Travelling to Holbox, Mexico

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We visited Isla Holbox in February 2023 and after visiting many islands in Mexico, we've decided Isla Holbox is our favourite. It was also the most recommended island to visit by all of our Instagram followers and Youtube subscribers and for good reason!

Here's 7 things you should know before travelling to the dreamy island:

#1 Getting There:

How long:

2 hours 20 minutes Bus ride

15 minute ferry

75.8 miles (122 km) north of

Playa del Carmen

How much it costs:

$220 pesos for ferry

$700 pesos bus for 2 people

How to get there:

Bus leaves Playa Del Carmen every hour

and ferry leaves every hour

#2 Getting Around:

Holbox is easy to navigate on foot, by bicycle or by golf cart – golf cart taxis are freely available and it's easy to rent a golf cart while on the island if you wish to explore by yourself. There are no cars.

We chose to explore the island by bicycle witch cost us $150mxn ($8USD) for 9 hours and it was a really fun day. There's plenty of bike hire places to choose from in the main, central part of town we hired ours from Faster Than A Shark Bike Hire.

#3 Is it Pet-friendly?

The island and the ferry are considered pet friendly, however the ADO bus that we took from Playa Del Carmen was not so we opted to leave our dog with a sitter.

#4 Best Time To Visit

Dry season runs from December to April which makes for great beach weather and way less rain. However, a few of the main attractions for Holbox occur in the Rainier months in Summer when you can see an abundance of Flamingos and Pelicans. 

Holbox is also known for its bioluminescence which is better seen in summer as well. 

#5 Mosquitos

We were heavily warned about mosquitos before heading to Holbox. I am usually a magnet for mosquitos so I loaded up on repellant and wore light clothes to cover myself, but we did not see a single mosquito our entire time on the island which is really rare for any island. 

It could be that we were there during dry season, so if you are visiting during rainy season definitely load up on repellant, but do not make it a reason not to visit!


#6 Key Things to Do

- Visit the Ecological Reserve Yum Balam on the South Side of the Island for pelicans & flamingos.

- Punta Cocos is the best place to experience the bioluminesence.

- 25th on the months of June, July, August, or September are best

- Have a sunset drink at Mittoz Rooftop Bar

- People watch while having a drink on the couches at Hot Corner (we were told this was the best bar to be at in town)

- Swim and Walk the Sand Bar at Punta Mosquito

#7 Where to Eat 

- Taco Queto- Affordable and so delicious! They don't sell alcohol in there but you can purchase your own beverages from the shop next door and bring them in with you.

- Cafe Del Mar - This place is on the beach, on the way to Punta Cocos. It's a great place to spend the day in a beautiful quiet part of the beach. You can rent day beds for $150 pesos for the day and they serve great fresh seafood. 

- Bah Bah Healthy Cafe - Great vibe and ambiance for hanging out and The best Oat Pancakes on the planet for brekky here!

 #8 The Roads

There are no paved roads in Holbox. The roads can be very dusty in winter and in rainy season extremely muddy, with massive puddles. I wouldn't suggest wearing your fanciest footwear as my shoes were mud stained by the end of our trip.





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