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Episode 81 - WE MOVED TO THE PHILIPPINES! 🇵🇭 (this is why) - 20th July 2022

In today's Philippines travel vlog, we share our experience travelling from Kuala Lumpur to the island of El Nido, Philippines. We will be spending at least a week on the island to see what it's like to live in El Nido in 2022.


Episode 80 - Kuala Lumpur Hotel PERFECT For Digital Nomads - Full Tour -   16th July 2022

In today's Malaysia travel vlog, we share our experience staying at an amazing boutique hotel right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur called The Chow Kit Hotel.



Episode 79 - Kuala Lumpur FIRST IMPRESSIONS - Travel Vlog - 11th July 2022 

In today's Malaysia travel vlog, we travel from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur across the land border by bus. We start by spending a couple of nights in an amazing boutique hotel named The Chow Kit to have a "workation" and catch up on some much-needed sleep.


Episode 78 - What can $100 a day get you in SINGAPORE? (shocked) - 9th July 2022 

In today's Singapore travel vlog, we spend a few days in Singapore to see what a budget of $100 per day can get us as tourists, while still having fun. Singapore is known for being one of the most expensive travel destinations in the world, so today we're going to find out if it can still be a destination of choice for budget travellers.



Episode 77 - 5 Best Places to Visit in Vietnam - Travel Video  - 7th July 2022 

In today's Vietnam travel vlog, we share our top 5 places to visit in Vietnam in 2022, we spent a month in total travelling around Vietnam and after seeing most of the country, these are our must-see destinations.




Episode 76 - Goodbye Vietnam HELLO SINGAPORE - Travel Vlog  - 5th July 2022 

In today's Vietnam travel vlog, we share our final day in Vietnam before travelling to Singapore. We start by doing some shopping at The Saigon Centre and finish the day at Bui Vien Walking street before heading to the airport the next day.


Episode 75 - 10 Things we wish we knew BEFORE travelling to Vietnam in 2022  - 3rd July 2022 

In today's Vietnam travel vlog, we give you our list of 10 things we wish we knew before travelling to Vietnam in 2022.


Episode 74 - LONGEST OVERNIGHT TRAIN IN VIETNAM (Hanoi to Saigon) - 1st July 2022 

In today's Vietnam travel vlog, we ride the longest VIP overnight train in Vietnam, starting from the North in the city of Hanoi, all the way to the south to the city of Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City).


Episode 73 - THE NICEST HOTEL We've Stayed at (FULL TOUR) - Sapa, Vietnam - 29th June 2022 

In today's Vietnam travel vlog, we had the privilege of staying at the Hotel De La Coupole, a luxury 5-star resort located in Sapa, Vietnam.


Episode 72 - Is This REALLY the best place to visit in VIETNAM? (Sapa Travel Vlog) - 27th June 2022 

In Today's Vietnam travel vlog, we travel to one of the most recommended destinations in Vietnam, located in the northern Lao Cai province in the beautiful town of Sapa. We had the opportunity to stay at an amazing hotel while we explored the Cáp treo Fansipan cable car as well as Cat Cat Village and even tried our first hotpot at one of the local restaurants.


Episode 71 - An UNEXPECTED SURPRISE in HA LONG BAY Vietnam - 25th June 2022  

In Today's Vietnam travel vlog, we had the opportunity to embark on our first-ever luxury boat cruise through Ha Long Bay Vietnam, we knew the cruise would be an amazing experience although we were not expecting it to be as beautiful as it was. The Ha Long Bay boat cruise is an experience we recommend to anyone travelling to Vietnam in 2022 and beyond.


Episode 70 - FIRST IMPRESSIONS OF HANOI (Vietnam Travel Vlog) - 23rd June 2022 

In Today's Vietnam travel vlog, we explore Vietnam's capital city of Hanoi including the famous Hanoi Train Street, Bia Hoi Corner and the rest of Hanoi's Old Quarter. We also visit a really cool Jazz club and a "secret" underground nightclub.


Episode 69 - Our WORST Travel Day In Vietnam (Da Nang To Hanoi) - 20th June 2022 

In Today's Vietnam travel vlog, we spent just 24 hours exploring the city of Da Nang before heading off on an unexpected 17-hour overnight bus trip to Hanoi.


Episode 68 - The MOST BEAUTIFUL CITY In Vietnam - 18th June 2022 

In Today's Vietnam travel vlog we explore what is regarded by many as the most beautiful city in Vietnam, Hoi An. The city is known as the city of lanterns due to the overwhelming number of lanterns that light up the old town area by night, we took a private boat ride through the river and ate at some amazing local restaurants also.


Episode 67 - The BEST Way To Travel In VIETNAM? - 16th June 2022 

In Today's Vietnam travel vlog we travelled from Nha Trang to Da Nang via overnight VIP sleeper bus, sleeper buses are a very common way to travel through Vietnam and we decided for this trip we would spend a little extra money to experience what's it's like using the first class service.


Episode 66 - This CITY COMES ALIVE At Night! (Vietnam Travel Vlog) - 14th June 2022 

In Today's Vietnam travel vlog we had the pleasure of exploring the beach resort city of Nha Trang, Vietnam. We were a little bit underwhelmed by the vibe of the place during the day however that completely changed when the place came alive at night.


Episode 65 - CAUGHT OFF GUARD - Is This Place Real?? - 11th June 2022 

In Today's Vietnam travel vlog we head to the southeastern coastal fishing town of Mui Ne, where we discovered that there's much more to Vietnam than just jungles and beaches. We took a jeep to some breathtaking sand dunes and even explored a local fishing village along the way.



Episode 64 - The BEST LOCAL FOOD TOUR In Vietnam? - 9th June 2022 

In Today's Vietnam travel vlog we had the opportunity to take part in a local motorcycle food tour of Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) thanks to XO Food tours.


Episode 63 - FIRST DAY IN SAIGON, VIETNAM (Ho Chi Minh City) - 7th June 2022 

In Today's travel vlog we start our Vietnam series in Ho Chi Minh City, formally known as Saigon as we explore some of the nightlife including Bui Vien Walking Street, Ben Than Markets, Nguyen Hue walking street and many great local restaurants.


Episode 62 - We're LEAVING Thailand... :( - 5th June 2022

In Today's Thailand travel vlog we share our experience travelling around Thailand for the past month and also our reasons for leaving, we hope you enjoyed our Thailand series and look forward to sharing our experience travelling around Vietnam.


Episode 61 - How Much Does It REALLY Cost To Travel Full-Time? (Exposing Ourselves) - 2nd June 2022

In Today's Thailand travel vlog we share with you our monthly budget for full-time travel. A lot of people have been asking us how much money you need to travel full-time so we thought we would break down all of our costs including accommodation, food, travel, insurance, phone/internet and health.


Episode 60 - The World Has This Island ALL WRONG! - 31st May 2022

In Today's Thailand travel vlog we explore one of Thailand's islands famous for its full moon parties and amazing beaches, Koh Phangan. We take a scooter to explore the island and see what else it has to offer in 2022 other than just a party destination.


Episode 59 - 24 Hours In KOH SAMUI - Thailand Travel Vlog - 29th May 2022

In Today's Thailand travel vlog we explore the island of Koh Samui for 24 hours to see what's it like in 2022.


Episode 58 - Is This The FORGOTTEN Phuket? - 27th May 2022

In Today's Thailand travel vlog we explore the historical Phuket Old Town which many consider to be the real Phuket. The old town combines beautiful architecture with many amazing restaurants and cafes.


Episode 58 - 7 Things We Wish We Knew BEFORE Travelling To THAILAND In 2022 - 25th May 2022

In Today's Thailand travel vlog we give our top 7 things we wish we knew before coming to Thailand, we've been travelling Thailand for almost 3 weeks now and there are a few things we wish we knew prior to flying here.


Episode 57 - I Tried Thailand's SPICIEST Dish (Spicy Food Challenge) - 23rd May 2022

In Today's Thailand travel vlog we've been recommended to try a locally renowned dish called Gaeng Tai Pla. Gaeng Tai Pla. Is a curry of southern Thai cuisine. with a salty sauce made from fermented fish organs which gives the curry a strong smell and flavour.

The main ingredient of Kaeng Tai Pla is “Tai Pla” or “Pung Pla” made from the stomach of the fish marinated in salt.

Typically the fish entrails used are from catfish and snakehead fish, fermented with salt for about 10–30 days before it can be seasoned with spices and used for cooking It is widely recognised as the spiciest food in Thailand


Episode 56 - Is PHUKET Worth All The Hype? (Thailand Travel Vlog) - 21st May 2022

In Today's Thailand travel vlog we travel from Chiang Mai to Phuket to check out the biggest and most popular island in Thailand to see if it's worth all the hype in 2022.


Episode 55 - BIGGEST Night Market In Thailand (Chiang Mai Sunday Night Market) - 19th May 2022

In Today's Thailand travel vlog arrive in Chiang Mai to give you our first impressions of what has been called the best digital nomad city in the world, we explore the city by scooter including chinatown, the Grand Canyon waterpark some great local restaurants and arguably the best rooftop bar in Chiang Mai.



Episode 54 - Bangkok Nightlife In 2022... (THINGS GOT WEIRD) - 15th May 2022

In today's Thailand travel vlog, we checked out what nightlife is like in Bangkok in 2022 starting with Sukhimvit 11 and Nana Plaza (Red light district), Followed by a crazy Tuk Tuk ride to Chinatown where we ate some delicious street food as well as some local delicacies including crickets and scorpions.



Episode 53 Is This The BEST Night Market In Bangkok? - 12th May 2022

In today's Thailand travel vlog, we visit one of Bangkok's biggest and newest night markets, Jodd Fairs.
Located right in the heart of the city, it boasts over 600 food vendors and has an amazing variety of local and international cuisines, as well as live music and beer gardens. Is this Bangkok's best night market in 2022?



Episode 52 - We Were WRONG About Bangkok... (First Impressions TRAVEL VLOG) - 10th May 2022

In today's travel vlog, we share our experience travelling from Bali Indonesia to Bangkok, Thailand. Thailand has only just recently relaxed all PCR testing and Quarantine rules starting May 1st.

We take you with us for our first 48 hours in the city and explain why our assumptions about Bangkok were completely wrong.
The first few things we checked off the list were Kaoh San Road and eating local authentic street food including Pad Thai, Green Curry and Mango Sticky Rice.



Episode 51 - OUR NIGHTMARE 24 HOURS IN BALI (We Decided To Leave) - 8th May 2022

In today's Bali vlog, we share our final few days in Bali before leaving for Thailand, we had a few things go wrong including 2 hotels that either didn't exist or were overbooked.

We also share our reasons for leaving Bali before we jump on a plane for Bangkok, Thailand.



Episode 50 - What's It Like In SEMINYAK, BALI NOW? - 6th May 2022

In today's Bali vlog, we travelled to Seminyak to check out how things are with the borders now open, we also treat ourselves to a Spa treatment and stayed in a luxurious Airbnb.



Episode 49 - We Stayed In A UNIQUE Eco-Resort In UBUD Bali Travel Vlog - 4th May 2022

In today's vlog, we visit a unique eco-resort in Ubud, Bali. The resort offers a number of healing experiences to its guests including a spa, with an infra-red sauna, yoga, meditation & breathwork classes as well as palm reading and much much more.

They also have an amazing cafe that offers a vegan buffet every Sunday and is open to everyone.



Episode 48 - Is THIS Bali's Next Canggu? - 1st May 2022

In today's Bali vlog, we visit our favourite spot in Bali, Pereranan. We truly believe if we were to invest in Bali we would definitely do it here.



Episode 47 - How To Spend 6 Months In Bali - FULL TRAVEL GUIDE - 28th April 2022

In today's Bali vlog, we share our experience of living in Bali for the past 6 months, including travelling to Ubud, Sanur, Munduk, Lovina, Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan, Uluwatu, Nusa Dua, Sideman, Medewi and Canggu.



Episode 46 - Bali UPDATED Travel Requirements & Visa regulations APRIL 2022 - 26th April 2022

In today's video, i break down all of the updated travel requirements for entering Bali, Indonesia. This includes vaccinations, quarantine, PCR testing and Visa regulations.



Episode 45 - DO NOT TRAVEL TO BALI WITHOUT COMING HERE (The Best Thing To Do As A Tourist) - 23rd April 2022

In today's vlog, we visit one of Bali's biggest dog rescue shelters/santuaries, BARC. They are a non-profit organization that rescues abandoned or injured dogs from the streets of Bali.



Episode 44 - BIGGEST  Night Market In Bali - Indonesian Street Food Tour -  21st April 2022

 In today's Bali vlog we visit one of Bali's biggest night markets to try some amazing street food including Babi Guling, Sate Ayam, Dim Sum and Roti Bakar.



Episode 43 - 10 THINGS WE WISH WE KNEW BEFORE MOVING TO BALI 2022 - MUST WATCH - 19th April 2022


In today's Bali video we share with you the 10 things we wish we knew before moving to Bali in 2022.




Episode 42 - Visiting BALI'S SECRET SURF SPOT During Ramadan (Muslim Community) - 17th April 2022

In today's Bali travel vlog we visited Medewi, one of Bali's lesser-known tourist destinations and secret surf spots. Although we were not aware that it is a mostly Muslim area and it was during Ramadan, things got pretty noisy.

It was a great experience to speak with the locals and share their experience of fasting during the month of Ramadan, we also tried surfing and ate at some great local restaurants.



Episode 41 - We Tried The SPICIEST CHICKEN In Indonesia - RICHEESE FACTORY LEVEL 5 - 14th April 2022

In today's Bali vlog we took our subscriber's advice and tried what might be the spiciest chicken in Indonesia, Richeese Factory Level 5. Tune in to see our reaction...



Episode 40 - What Does A REALISTIC DAY look like in BALI? (Canggu 2022) - 10th April 2022

In today's Bali vlog we take you with us on a day in the life living in Canggu, Bali. We start our day as usual with Yoga & Jui Jitsu followed by some work and a nice lunch.

We also take you with us to record our Brand new podcast episode followed by dinner at our new favourite local warung (Ramen 88).



Episode 39 - WE GAVE UP FULL-TIME JOBS FOR FULL-TIM TRAVEL - (How We Did It) - 7th April 2022

For almost 5 months now we have been travelling around Bali and Indonesia Full-time, we have been asked by so many people how we afford to do it.

Today we share our 6 main sources of income that support our full-time travel and how you can become a digital nomad too!



Episode 38 - WE WERE NOT EXPECTING THIS - Luxury Resort in Sidemen Bali - 3rd April 2022

After staying at a unique Airbnb in Sidemen, Bali. We had a chance to experience a luxury adults-only resort where we stayed in the brand new Joglo Villa, the Samanvaya resort was easily the nicest place we have ever had the pleasure of staying.



Episode 38 - Is McDonald's in INDONESIA the same as AUSTRALIA? Bali Vlog - 31st March 2022

After living in Bali for the past 4 months we finally decided to try Indonesian Mcdonald's for the first time, to see if it was the same (or better) than Mcdonald's in Australia.



Episode 37 - We stayed in a TINY HOME in SIDEMEN BALI (Bali Travel Vlog) - 27th March 2022


After a slight delay due to a local wedding, we made it all the way from Canggu to Sidemen, Bali by scooter to spend the night in a unique tiny home in the jungle (the roof is made completely from hay)





Episode 36 - What Can $50 a day get in BALI as a couple? - 20th March 2022

In Today's video I discuss everything there is to know regarding the re-introduction of Visa on arrival in Bali, as well as the current quarantine regulations for incoming travellers.



Episode 35 - Visa On Arrival And Quarantine Update - 16th March 2022



Episode 34 - What's It Really Like Living In Canggu? BALI VLOG - 13th March 2022

In Today's Bali Vlog we share our experience living in Canggu, Bali in 2022.

We take you with us for a pretty standard day in Bali, where we visit our new podcast recording studio as well as our favourite Bahn Mi restaurant in Canggu.



Episode 33 - First Time Trying SPICY Food In Bali - 5th March 2022

In Today's Bali vlog we challenge ourselves to only eat Indonesian food for a week, we discovered a lot of great local warungs in Canggu as well as some great Indonesian dishes including, Nasi Campur, Nasi Goreng, Soto Ayam, Beef Rendang, and finally some Ayam Geprek.

We were told by a lot of our subscribers to try Spicy Ayam Geprek Level 10, although the first few places we went to were closed we ended up finding a local warung selling street food.



Episode 32 - TOP 5 PLACES TO VISIT IN BALI RIGHT NOW - 1st March 2022

For the past 3 months, we've been exploring Bali (by scooter) travelling to some of the most well-known destinations, as well as visiting some hidden gems along the way.

We've put together a list of the top 5 best places to visit in Bali right now, whether you're looking for a peaceful getaway or in search of somewhere with a bit more of a vibe, we have something for you.



Episode 31 - HOW TO TRAVEL TO BALI IN 2022 (What You Need To Know) - 27th February 2022

In Today's video, I share everything you need to know about travelling to Bali in 2022, including flights, visas, & quarantine. I also touch on what happens if you test positive for COVID19 while in quarantine.




Episode 30 - How To Make $1000 A MONTH ONLINE SELLING DIGITAL PRODUCTS on ETSY - 25th February 2022

Access my Entire course "How to Make A Passive Income Selling Digital Products On Etsy" Here

In this video, I share how to make $1000 a month online selling digital products using ETSY and how you can do it too!



Episode 29 - Finding a place to live - BALI TRAVEL VLOG? - 24th February 2022

In Today's Bali travel vlog we travel back to Canggu from Nusa Lembongan, wth a slight change of plans. Instead of going to Thailand as planned, we are now staying in Bali.

Mandy finally learned how to ride a scooter and we take you on a tour of our new apartment that we'll be staying in for the next month.



Episode 28 - Nusa Lembongan - What's It Like Now? - 17th February 2022

In Today's Bali travel vlog we catch the boat from Nusa Penida to Nusa Lembongan to spend a few days relaxing and checking out the island.

We hire a scooter and drove across the famous yellow bridge to Nusa Cenigan and check into an amazing hotel that we had all to ourselves for a few days.



Episode 27 - Bali Q & A - 15th February 2022



Episode 26 - We Rented A Beachfront A-Frame Cabin In Bali (Nusa Penida Travel Vlog) - 9th February 2022

In Today's Bali travel vlog we spend a couple of nights in Nusa Penida where rent an amazing beachfront A-frame cabin for only $25/night.

We also hired a scooter to check out some of the island and visit Diamond beach as well as some local Indonesian restaurants.



Episode 25 - Scootering Around Bali - Travel Vlog - 6th February 2022

In Today's Bali travel vlog we leave Munduk and head to Lovina for the night, on the way we encounter a bit of a problem with our brakes due to the steep terrain.

We then head back to Ubud before driving to Sanur where we will be catching the fast boat to Nusa Penida to explore for a few days!



Episode 24 - Exploring North Bali (Munduk) - 4th February 2022

In Today's Vlog we explore one of North Bali's best hidden gems and one of our new favourite places, Munduk.

We stayed at a beautiful AirBnb at the top of the mountain with an amazing view and room service included, we also visit some amazing waterfalls where we took some epic drone shots with our new DJI Mini SE.

After our stay in Munduk we went to visit one of Bali's most iconic locations, the Handara gate.



Episode 23 - What's It Actually Like Being A Digital Nomad in 2022? - 29th January 2022

In Today's vlog we sit down to share some of our experiences living as digital nomads in 2022 during the pandemic, as well as sharing some of our future plans for travel.

We also give some advice to anyone who may want to become digital nomads in the future.



Episode 22 - Uluwatu Temple Bali Vlog - 26th January 2022

In Today's Vlog we visit the Uluwatu Temple where we use a local guide (Ketut) to show us around and also protect us from the monkeys!

On our way back to Ubud we also visit a local warung to eat our favourite Balinese dish (Babi Guling) where we only paid $3 USD for 2 x Meals + drinks.



Episode 21 - Uluwatu Bali Vlog - 24th January 2022

In Today's Bali Vlog we spent our last day in Sanur before travelling to Uluwatu to meet up with Mandy's best friend (Steffi).
We visit Uluwatu beach, Dreamland and Bingin Beach where we rent a luxury Villa.



Episode 20 - How Much Food Can You Get For $8 In Bali? (YOU'D BE SURPRISED) - 19th January 2022

In Today's Bali vlog we explore the Sindhu Night Market in Sanur, we only had $8 (USD) on us at the time so we thought we would see how much food you can get for $8 in Bali, as well as trying some tasty Indonesia dishes for the first time!
We tried Mie Ayam (spicy), Ayam Goreng, Longton Sayur and Roti Panggang.



Episode 19 - What's Bali Like In 2022?  - WATCH BEFORE COMING HERE - 16th January 2022

In Today's vlog we sit down to share some information and hopefully answer some questions from subscribers regarding the current situation in Bali during the pandemic.

We discuss a number of topics including current safety, the effects of Covid-19, Cost of living in Bali, Things to do and the current vibe in Bali



Episode 18 - First Impressions Of Nusa Dua 2022 - 13th January 2022

In Today's travel vlog we took a quick trip to Nusa Dua, Bali. This is the first time we have been to the area together and we were sad to see the devastating toll Covid-19 has had on the area.

Although we managed to make the best of it, we didn't have a great experience at our budget hotel as it was heavily raining all day/night and we were stuck in the room for most of our stay, with no wifi and nothing much to do except eat some nice food!



Episode 17 - Sanur Beach Bali Vlog - 11th January 2022

In Today's Bali vlog we finally left Ubud after almost 6 weeks, we head to Sanur, Bali to spend a couple of day and see what it's like in 2022.

We explored Sanur beach and went to a couple of local restaurants to eat, so far we are loving Sanur. We may not want to leave!



Episode 16 - Trying Weird Food From An Indonesia Supermarket - 9th January 2022

In today's Bali vlog we went to our local supermarket to try some of the weirdest items from the store. Some of the items we weren't so sure about but some were actually very tasty (we really enjoyed the spicy food).



Episode 15 - Renewing Passports In Bali (What Not To Do) - 6th January 2022

Today we share our experience of renewing our passports and also our business visas in Bali 2022, including some mistakes we made and how you can avoid them.

We also ate at one of our new favourite Warung's in Ubud called Warung Pondok Madu, the owner/chef makes the best pork ribs in Bali.



Episode 14 - First Time Trying Indonesia Food - 3rd January 2022

In today's vlog we visit the beautiful Tegenungan Waterfalls near Ubud, Bali.
We then visited Ubud's oldest restaurant (Murni's Warung) for dinner where we try some authentic Indonesian dishes including Beef Rendang, Tipat Cantok, Sate and Bakso Ayam (Obama's favourite food apparently).

After dinner we had to try the local street food desert Martabak and it did not disappoint.



Episode 13 - How To Start An Online Brand - 2nd January 2022

Have you ever wanted to start your own online brand? For the past 3 years we've been making money online by building, scaling and selling e-commerce businesses.

We've put together a FREE workshop to show you how you can do the same and become a digital nomad in 2022. To join this free workshop click the link below. Hit the Link:



Episode 12 - Getting A Tattoo in Bali - 28th December 2021




Episode 11 - First Time Trying Babi Guling - Indonesia Food Vlog - 23rd December 2021

After a weekend in Canggu, Bali we explore the Tegalalang rice terraces and try Babi Guling for the first time. This traditional local dish is probably our new favourite Indonesian food!



Episode 10 - Mount Batur Sunrise Hike- 18th December 2021

In today's Bali vlog, we hike one of Indonesia's largest active volcanoes, Mount Batur to watch a perfect sunrise in Bali. We met our guide at the base of the volcano at 3.30am and took around 2 hours to hike to the top where we saw one of the most stunning views as well as a few cheeky monkeys.

We followed up the hike by swimming in the Batur natural hot springs where we ate breakfast and recovered from the hike. Follow us as we show you one of the most unique experiences in Bali.



Episode 9 - Eating Street Food In Bali - 14th December 2021

Today we visit the local night markets in Ubud to try 7 different street food dishes. We were hoping to find some spicy street food in Bali and the Ubud night markets didn't disappoint.

We love trying Indonesian food in Bali and supporting local businesses. At the Sayan night markets we saw so many dishes we'd never heard of before, if you're ever in the Ubud area we would highly recommend the night markets for an authentic Indonesian experience.



Episode 8 Day in the life of Digital Nomads in Ubud Bali Vlog - 9th December 2021

In this video we visit the Ubud Cat cafe, Tlaga Singha, and Yoga Barn as we share a realistic day in our new lives in Ubud, Bali Indonesia as Digital nomads from Canada and Australia. We've had a few people enquire on how we are legally able to work in Bali, and what visa we use.

The Business visa (B211A visa) allows foreign business owners with a pre-existing business to visit Indonesia and conduct business while in Indonesia, as long as they are not working for/in partnership with Indonesian businesses. If you have further questions or concerns our visa agents contacts are below! :) Hope you enjoy the video!



Episode 7 - Digital Nomad Life in Ubud Bali Vlog 2021 - 6th December 2021

In this video we share a realistic day in our new lives in Ubud, Bali Indonesia as Digital nomads from Canada and Australia, staying at Outpost Co-working/ Co-living apartments in Penestanan Ubud.

We have dinner at Soul Bites in Ubud as well as see a kid get attacked by a monkey near the monkey forest (She was not harmed) We were planning on going to the Ubud monkey forest but have been told that since there is no tourist the monkeys are very hungry and misbehaving and aggressive so would not recommend at this time. Hope you enjoy the video!




Episode 6 - How to Make Passive Income Online with $0 - 6th December 2021

Access my Entire course "How to Make A Passive Income Selling Digital Products On Etsy" Here

In this video I share how I make a passive income online with no money using ETSY and how I have created a new passive income stream and how you can do it too!



Episode 5 - First Time Eating Fresh Seafood in Bali - 1st December 2021

In this video we share our date night VLOG eating seafood in Jimbaran Bay Bali in December 2021.




Episode 4 - We Nearly Died in Bali - 30th November 2021

In this video we share our experience of contracting dengue fever in Bali in November 2021 and our thoughts on the health care system in Bali.
We were so grateful for the doctors and nurses that helped us through this extremely difficult time and helped us make a speedy recovery from Dengue fever.
We hope that in us sharing that this happened to us might help prevent it happening to some one else on their trip! If you have any questions please let us know in the comments!



 Episode 3 - Leaving Hotel Quarantine in Jakarta - 21st November 2021

In this video we share what it's like in Jakarta Indonesia Quarantine and our first few days arriving in Bali Indonesia from Australia in November 2021.
We also share how much we paid for a scooter, the guesthouse we stayed at for our first few days and more! We stayed a JM7 Hotel in Jakarta- it was one of the cheaper options for quarantine, we have no complaints as we know we went with a cheaper option, just keep in mind when booking you get what you pay for if you are someone who likes luxury stays, definitely spend a little more.

But if you are like us and just want somewhere that affordable to get the quarantine over with, this is a budget friendly option! :)
Also, keep in mind we are just sharing our experience, the rules and regulations are constantly changing so things may be different by the time you travel, so always look up current regulations before travelling.



Episode 2 - How to Move to Bali 2022 - 18th November 2021

In this video we share what it's like travelling to Jakarta Indonesia from Sydney Australia in November 2021 post COVID 19 pandemic!



Episode 1 - Moving From Australia to Bali - 11th November 2021

In this video we share the beginning process of us moving and travelling from Byron Bay, NSW Australia to Bali, Indonesia in November 2021 post COVID19 pandemic.
We've spent the last 3 years learning how to make a full-time income online so we can travel and live anywhere and now we are sharing our journey with the world!