How To keep Your Wardrobe Looking Fresh While On The Road As Digital Nomads

How To keep Your Wardrobe Looking Fresh While On The Road As Digital Nomads

Ok, if you're anything like us, you love to travel but hate the process of packing for an extended trip, trying to decide which outfits to bring, what's the weather going to be like etc etc..

One of the hardest parts about full-time travel is figuring out what to pack for your wardrobe without taking up too much space, but also being able to wear your items more than once without having to do laundry.

Let's face it, when you're overseas, the last thing you want to be doing is looking for a local laundromat on Google Maps and spending an entire afternoon getting your laundry done instead of sightseeing or eating a delicious local meal.

We made a decision a while ago that we were going to find a minimalist clothing brand that we could take with us on the road, and not only reduce the amount of clothing we had to pack with us, but also reduce the amount of fashion choices we needed to make on a daily basis, that's when we discovered Unbound Merino.

Unbound Merino helps us pack lighter, simpler and smarter. It’s been a travel game changer for us.

Their Merino wool clothing is naturally odor and wrinkle resistant, moisture-wicking and temperature regulating, so it keeps us comfortable at all times, and most importantly can be worn for weeks without needing a wash (just make sure you hang it up to air out between wearing).

They believe in less, but better.

Unbound Merino's designs are understated, timeless, have no visible logos, and are made to look great throughout every travel occasion. Simple, stylish and incredibly versatile clothing.

The first thing you'll notice about there clothing is how lightweight and easy to pack it is, when they say it's wrinkle-free they mean it's REALLY wrinkle-free, I can literally throw 3 of their t-shirts into my carry on bag, pull them out at the hotel and throw one on without having to worry about ironing.

I can head to the gym and get a workout in, hang the shirt out to air dry for a few hours and wear it the next day if I want.

However, the benefits of their clothing is not just limited to travel — it inspires a simpler, more intentional way of living overall, which is something we can totally get on board with!

As we are affiliates of Unbound Merino, if you use our unique affiliate link in you’ll also be helping to support our travels so we can keep making content like this.

See you on the road.


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