The #1 Travel Hack For Digital Nomads (reviewing Holafly eSIM)

The #1 Travel Hack For Digital Nomads (reviewing Holafly eSIM)

Are you a digital nomad or full time traveller?

If you're anything like us, then you need to stay connected while on the road, which means landing in often foreign speaking countries and trying to figure out how to get access to mobile data right away.

This can be especially frustrating if you're travelling to a new country often like we have been for the past 2 years.

When we first started our digital nomad journey just over 2 years ago, we landed at Denpasar airport at around 1am, because of course our flight was delayed by 3 hours.

Standing in the crowded car park outside the airport we tried to order a grab taxi to our airbnb using the airport wifi that had a very weak signal, after having no luck for around 30 minutes we gave in and jumped into a taxi driver's car reluctantly.

Once we got in the car we realised we were going to have problems, he didn’t seem to understand where our accomodation was and we tried explaining to him that we simply didn’t have access to google maps, oh and did I mention he barely spoke English.

Anyway we ended up driving around the back streets of Canggu for around an hour trying to find our property which turned out to be down a dirt road behind the address we were given.

So it’s safe to say we learnt our lesson on that one.

But don’t worry because we found the #1 travel hack for full-time travellers and digital nomads to stay connected on the road, and that’s Holafly e-Sims.

And If you’re like us two years ago and you’ve never heard of Holafly, they provide international e-sim cards to most destinations all over the world, so you can travel and use the internet without worrying about expensive roaming fees.

During a trip to Thailand, Pedro and Lidia, the founders of Holafly, experienced the frustration of not having an internet connection. Inspired by their own experiences, they came up with a simple but brilliant idea: why not allow travellers to buy data plans for any destination from their home country?

We first discovered Holafly e-Sims when we travelled from Bali to Thailand and realised we didn’t want

to have to go through the same process of landing in Bangkok airport, logging onto the wifi and ordering a Grab taxi, only to get in the car and realise we had no data which meant, no google translate, no google maps and most importantly, no way of finding the right place to buy a SIM card

If you’ve ever been to Bangkok airport you would know that prices for SIM cards are through the roof, sometimes charging over double what you would pay in a local mobile SIM card store.

And there are often limits to how much data you can buy at any given time.

With Holafly’s e-Sims you can hit the ground running by activating your sim before you’ve even left your home country, that way as soon as the plane touches down and you walk through customs, you can simply switch your phone from airplane mode and start using your data without running around
wasting the precious first few hours in your new destination.

In fact, you can even keep your own sim card active while using Holafly, just in case you want to continue receiving phone calls and text messages to your phone number.

They offer a huge variety of data packs ranging from 5 to 90 days with unlimited data, having a very good range of days that you can set to your travel needs

And they’re available in basically every country these days with over 160 destinations to choose from.

But one of the best hacks we’ve found recently while travelling through Southeast Asia is to get a regional plan for Asia, which means it works in every country we visit in Asia, how cool is that?

And they have similar regional plans for places like Europe, North and South America, the Caribbean and the U.K.

And it's super simple to set up, all you have to do is head over to their website and purchase the e-sim you’re looking for, you should then receive an email almost instantly which will include a QR code.

Once you scan the QR code just follow the instructions to set it up, it’s really easy but if you have any issues don’t worry because they have a 24/7 customer service centre that you can contact via chat on their website.

Although their e-sims are compatible with my smart phones we do recommend heading over to their website and checking if your phone is compatible before purchasing your sim.

We’ve been using Holafly’s e-sims for almost 2 years now and I honestly don’t think we could go back to our old ways of trying to figure everything out on the go.

If you want to check out holly for yourself head over to their website and don't forget to use
code:LLOYDANDMANDY at checkout for 5% off your order.
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