Top 5 Yoga Studios in Bali, Indonesia

Top 5 Yoga Studios in Bali, Indonesia

We've spent the best part of four months travelling around Bali, experiencing many different locations on all they have to offer.

One consistency we've had with all of the different parts of Bali we've visited during our time here is that we're always seeking out the best Yoga studios each place has to offer.

In this article we will be ranking our Top 5 favourite Yoga studios in Bali, so that you can experience these wonderful places like we have.


1.Yoga Barn- Ubud


A world-famous yoga studio for a reason, the Yoga Barn in Ubud offers a magical, unique experience for beginners and experienced yogis alike. The Yoga barn has 8 different studios that offer ecstatic dance, aerial yoga, Hatha classes, vinyasa classes and much, much more! 

Yga Barn Ubud

The teachers at Yoga Barn were incredibly knowledgeable and I left my time here feeling like I had deepened my practice. No need to bring any props or a yoga mat, they offer all props for you and even clean them for you after class!


If I was to study to become a yoga teacher this would be my place of choice. The cafe at Yoga barn also has great food and Chai tea to enjoy before or after your class. I highly recommend attending a class while it’s raining as it’s a magical, healing experience in any of the studios. 


Many of the studios are set amongst a tropical backdrop where you are accompanied by the wildlife of the Bali jungle and the vibe cannot be beaten. I tell every person that says they are visiting Ubud to visit Yoga Barn even if they aren’t a yogi as it’s a one of a kind experience that should be had by everyone!


2. Samadi - Canggu


I loved my time at Samadi. I spent a month attending morning classes in this Canggu studio and learned so much from every teacher I had. There is more than one studio at Samadi however, all the classes I attended were in the one lovely studio. 


The studio was set amongst natural flowing water, free-range chickens and more animals that wander through the space! No need to bring a yoga mat as they provide them free of charge for you.

Samadi Canggu


I recommend having a coconut before or after your class in the cafe as well as looking in the great little shops they have available for yoga clothing and local products. They also hold a market every Sunday which seems to be a hit! 


3.Koa Shala - Sanur


We were lucky with our time at Koa Shala as it was only myself, my partner and one other person that attended the classes so we almost got one-on-one training from a wonderful Indonesian teacher. 


The studio is outdoors in a bamboo-like hut and is surrounded by very beautifully maintained gardens. During COVID Sanur is not very busy, so class numbers are very low, so it’s great to take advantage of the more personal teaching. 

Koala Shala Yoga Sanur

Although they do offer props for you to use during the class, remember to bring your yoga mat as they do not provide these for free! The store at Koa Shala had some beautiful pieces available to purchase in it if you are someone who likes to shop.


4.The Practice - Canggu


The Practice is one of the most famous yoga studios in Canggu. I was recommended the studio by my teacher in Australia. The studio is close to the beach and the vibe is influenced by the predominant surf culture in Canggu! 

The practice yoga studiuo canggu

No need to bring any props or your mat as everything is provided for you. Most classes are 90 minutes and they offer a wide range of classes and unique workshops!


5. Radiantly Alive - Ubud


Radiantly Alive is an incredibly beautiful studio with amazing teachers. The studio itself suits Ubud as its windows are set amongst lush, jungle greenery with the sounds of the jungle. 

Radiantly Alive Ubud

Although this studio is smaller than that of Yoga Barn and offers fewer classes, if you are someone who prefers to be part of a smaller yoga community then this is the place for you. Do not worry about bringing any of your props or mat as Radiantly Alive supplies them all for you!

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